Become a Reviewer

Are you interested in becoming a reviewer in The Journal of Asian Medical Students’ Association (J-AMSA)?
As an implementation of AMSA Vision: Knowledge, Action, Frinedship, J-AMSA provides the opportunity for anyone to become our reviewer for the health and medical journals. Reviewer is very important in journal publishing. Anyone that is expert in their field deserves the opportunity to be our reviewer.

Why you should become a reviewer?
1. Contribute more in the development of your field
2. Get more experience not only in your scientific field, but also in journal publication process
3. Up to date in your field
4. Gain recognition

1. Be a published author. You must have done articles that are peer-reviewed in a journal.
2. Up to date with the latest research
3. Have no conflict of interest

If you are interested to become our reviewer, you can register yourself here.